Simply click on the Information tab and then click the Playing Rules link. Please note, we have made some very important updates that all players must be aware of. They are the following:
  • The Pitcher’s Zone is a rectangular area 24 inches wide, located 50 to 65 feet from the rear corner of home plate (v-shaped portion of the plate). The pitcher’s zone (50’ and 65’ lines) must be marked by the set-up team.
  • 3.1.a) Players may not deface the team shirt in any manner, including cutting off the sleeves and/or cutting the collar area.
    EFFECT: Any player in violation of this rule will not be allowed to play until the team shirt has been replaced with a new one. The player must bear the cost of replacing the team shirt.
  • 5.10. Courtesy Runners: In the Ladies’, Men’s and Mixed divisions, each team is allowed three (3) courtesy runners. In the Masters’ division, each team is allowed five (5) courtesy runners. The courtesy runner must be the last recorded out.
  • 6.2. 175’ Rule & Infield “move in” limit: (MIXED DIVISION ONLY) All four outfielders (rover included) must remain behind the 175’ line until the ball is hit. This rule applies for all batters. All infielders must remain behind the baselines until the ball is hit.
  • 6.3. Pitching: The ball must be delivered with a perceptible arc of at least six (6) feet from the ground and not more than twelve (12) feet from the ground at its highest level. A pitch not meeting these requirements is an illegal pitch. The pitcher must start and finish the pitch with both feet being within 50’-65’ from the rear corner of the home plate (v-shaped portion of the plate).
  • 6.11 MERCY RULE: (MASTERS’ & MIXED DIVISIONS ONLY) If a team is ahead by 10 or more runs at the start of their turn at bat, they are subject to a maximum of 7 runs per inning until the run difference is less than 10 runs.